FS - 2007 Flippac for an 8ft longbed - $3000


Price drop to $2800

Black in color, should fit any 8ft longbox. No rips, tears, or leaks – it has served me well.

Recently replaced the stabilizer bars and hinges, FRP has done the maintenance on the torsion bar for me since 2007 when I bought it new. I also had them add an additional pair of latches in the rear to handle compression during snow loads.

Outside it has a few scratches from overzealous snow removal. Inside two of the windows have issues latching, but just been using external stops and no problems.

Local pickup in Forest Falls, CA
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Dangitall. I feel like I need to buy a new truck to put this on. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for 6 months ago. Bumski.


how can I get this to Detroit???? :Wow1:

Do you want to take a trip to colorado next week? I'll be half way there...haha


Bump for the big flippac. Would like to move it from truck to truck rather than store it.

Spoke with Diane at FRP yesterday, these are going for over 6K new from their dealers. Plus they haven't made any for fullsize longbeds in a while, they've been busy making the "mini" versions.


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Yoshi and I have camped in this flippac before and it's roomy! You could have a dance party in it. Anyhow, bump for a clean and well kept flippac.


Apologies for delay in responding, I've been out and about without the interweb. All PMs replied to, and contact info updated in first post.

Flippac is off the truck, truck is sold - so local pickup only now in Forest Falls CA.


If I'm not mistaken, Bella PSD used USHIP to have his shipped from LA area to IL. You might check that out, I can facilitate as needed on this end.


All PMs and emails replied to (I hope!) I'm on the road again, limited connectivity - flippac is still for sale.


Bump for the big flippac. Enjoyed speaking with all those interested, but I still have it.

Where are all the longbeds out there?


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I had one shipped in march from thousand oaks to NC and cost me 400 bucks to get it here. It was treated like a stepchild from the way it looked when it got here and I had to force the shipper to bring it back the next day with a liftgate truck to get it off as he said " its not his problem". I had to calmly inform him that until it is delivered which would entail being no longer on his truck I was signing nothing and he was not being paid. Other than him it was not a bad experience. The seller was great and the pack out was a dream.

On a side note, if I did not already have mine I would buy it in a second. It is in great condition for a used pac.