FS: 1991 AWD Tiger Provan XL



I have put considerable effort into getting this AWD XL into shape. ~95K miles, registered in CA, first $13K gets it.
Located in Forest Falls, CA approx. 80 miles east of Los Angeles.

Coach features – Onan generator, very cold AC, microwave, fantastic fan, rear speakers, battery cutoff switch, double sink, 2 burner stove. Two beds – upper has pullout to near queen size.

Rebuild of rear suspension including custom 6+1 leaf springs and Fox shocks, Bilstein 5100 shocks in front. New wheels, tires have perhaps 3000 miles on them, Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Pro 225/75/16 load range E. I have the overland van 2” spacers for the front, but haven't installed them. I also have the old 15” wheels/tires/spare cover if you want them. New Moog idler arms and draglink.

It rides well now - great handling in sand, snow and offroad. I am averaging 13 mpg.

Cab has retractable sunshades and new Bluetooth Kenwood stereo. New muffler/catalytic converter – passes CA smog.

Serious inquiries only please, I got slammed with lookylous when selling the GT. Leave a message if I don't answer and I will get back to you asap.

Pictures are here.
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Great deal on a nice rig. I have been in it and it's sweet!

upcruiser - of course she upgraded to an even larger Tiger... :D



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Looks nice.
I cross posted the listing to a ski forum that has an highly active "camping in ski area parking lots" thread...
Given the number of compliments and offers to purchase that we have gotten on our XL, I wouldn't be surprised if you hear from someone there.


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So they'll be only one Tiger in the household now? Seems kinda average. ;)

Good luck with the sale.



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Stellar. I'd love to have it. Great deal for a nicely set up and low mileage rig.


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I've driven this beast around town before. It's a neat setup. Perfect size for parking in lots around town and squeezing through tight trails off-highway. Kind of the best of both worlds. That combined with the all-wheel drive setup, it's a win win.

If you're looking for one, the mileage is a major plus on this. It's still a baby.


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You have done an incredible job of making this vehicle the best that it can be. Beautiful inside too.
makes me wish I had waited to buy mine


Sale is pending, deposit received, awaiting pickup.

Front body lift is in, sitting level at 34” all around now. Up a net 9” rear, 5” front from when I got it and riding better than ever.

Thanks to the astro guys for confirming this can be done, no major problems with installation.

I kinda want to keep it now … :rolleyes: