FS: 1969 Land Rover Series IIA 88 - Restored, Upgraded, With Trailer


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For Sale: 1969 Land Rover Series IIA 88

Always wanted a classic Rover, but worried about how reliable and useful it might be in the real world? This Series IIA has a received an almost unnbelievable restoration and upgrade that makes it a super useful and enjoyable classic.

Performed by East Coast Rovers over two years, completed in 2001(for a sum of over six figures not including the cost of the Rover itself) it included upgrading the chassis and suspension to coil spring Defender 90 components, including four wheel power disc brakes and ARB locking differential in the rear as well as differential guards both front and rear. The steering has a hydroboost power setup. The engine was upgraded to a Turner 2.25L making more power and an LR380 5 speed transmission swap. It has a snorkel air intake and a performance muffler on the exhaust – sounds slightly snorty. Currently it has later Rover alloy wheels with excellent condition Bridgestone Blizzak tires. The spare, as well as the trailer wheels and it's spare are original steel wheels with Goodyear MT tires (4 total so you could swap back and forth if you wish).

This is a fully functional on and off road vehicle – that comes with a custom built, matching aluminum trailer. It has a roof rack with a floor platform, that can be used for hunting/spotting, or with the custom wooden frame and vinyl cover for protected storage. It has a custom rear bumper/rack combination that allows for secure storage of four fuel cans. The front bumper is a custom one built for the vintage Ramsey winch. There are heavy duty rock sliders with built in recovery points. The aluminum trailer has a pintle style hitch and Rover wheels. The top is hinged and has a cargo rack as well. Perfect for hunting or camping or prospecting. Having a trailer like this built costs over $15,000.

The interior was also redone with the restoration, meaning everything is nice and well done. The seats were upgraded to bigh back deluxe versions, Defender 90 door panels with larger speakers, factory rear jump seats, inertia reel front seat belts and safari rear windows in the hard top. A Mansfield heater was installed. Sound deadening was installed everywhere possible when it was disassembled. The current radio does not work, however. Additional gauges were installed as well. Included is all the correspondence and invoices from the restoration, along with manuals for the Rover, the winch, and more.

This Rover was driven 3200 miles from Alaska to Colorado with zero issues – towing the trailer. It was also recently driven to Oregon and back for an expedition vehicle show, also with zero issues. The current owner purchased it after the owner that had it built passed away. He loves this truck, but his night vision is failing and it is impossible for him to enjoy it as he would like.

So – this is a chance to get a restored, upgraded, built resto-mod Land Rover 88 Series II that has well over $100,000 invested into it, only driven 34k miles since being done, so you know any wrinkles were long ago ironed out, and for a FRACTION of what is into it. Even includes custom built wooden boxes with spares, axe, spade, shovel, Hi-lift jack, air compressor, etc. It even includes an Engel slide in mount refrigerator.

Lowered to $45,000

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Ha, I know. I read through all the email correspondence that went on when it was being built. I can't believe how much was spent on all the work! But at least someone now gets it at less than 1/2 cost.