Frontrunner swing away

magic dust and pixy wings :)

Actually if you look closely to the bottom of the tire you can see a bit of the mount. I'm afraid I haven't used that specific part so I don't have any pics to offer.
I like the door handle striker latch mechanisms for swing outs. If I ever get around to modifying mine and finishing the dual swing out design, it will have strikers and door better way in my opinion!

Any chance you weighed it before you installed it?
My only issue is the bracket sticks out below the bumper. I have dragged more than once down rocks and would not want that to be the lowest POC as it may jam the mechanism.
I noticed it does stick out and change the departure angle. I've seen a few really nice Jeep set-ups with the striker mounts on top though so I'll keep that in mind.

I didn’t. Couldn’t have been more than 40 pounds.
Awesome, thanks for the follow-up. Also, I saw you registered for the Rally; I just completed my registry so I hope to meet you up there or on the convoy up. On the FR swing-out, I think the boxed cut-out design is one of the best designs for strength and reduces a lot of weight. With my KM2 hanging on the back, I feel all of that extra weight back there for sure.