Frontier Sway Bar


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Probably a dead horse but I just wanted to ask. How quick is it to remove/replace the front sway bar? I am sick of my teeth getting rattled out of my head when I take the truck off road. However, I don't like the idea of doing my 60 miles of daily LA commuting without it. Is the process easy enough to just do the day of on trail days or even when I pull off the highway onto the dirt and simply re-install when done?


Taking it off is somewhat of a pain in the ***, and not worth the effort in my opinion. If you are running a HD spring then taking it off and leaving it off is doable. I've gone 10k with no sway bar, but I'm not dealing with LA traffic either.


I've been without a swaybar for over a year now. The gains are numerous, and if you have heavier springs the roll isn't that bad. I don't miss mine in the slightest. Granted, I drive like an old man.

Take it off and drive it like that for a while. See what it's like.

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I have not had one on my xterra for years, and I still use it as a DD.

You can always just take off one of the end links when you are going to go out in the woods without taking it all of the way off, all that it really is, is a long bolt.


I don't run a front sway bar, either. (or a rear, which the xterras have, for that matter). With 600lb springs it's not bad at all.