frontier diesel


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I have been wondering about the new turbocharged direct injections engines. The old stigma w/ turbocharged engines, was the turbo going out and costing a fortune. It happened in my moms old volvo when I was I kid. I remember my dad grumbling about . ha ha

I think ford put a turbocharged direct injection in the new ranger. It will be interesting to see how the ranger does. I have heard quite a few complaints about the new Chevy Colorado. I had a new taco and sold it 6 months and went back to 1st gen taco.

I do drive quite a bit, and think that something more modern would be alittle nicer. Nothing immediate but maybe in the next year or so. This why I am looking at the frontier.
Yeah Turbos long ago used to have reliability issues. For what it's worth though all modern diesels are turbo too, can't get around it. Diesel performance without a turbo is abysmal.

Today though technology and tolerances are much better.

I too have heard of many problems with the Colorado's/Canyon's... Can't expect much from GM lol.