Front Wheel Bearings

So been a minute since I've been active, but time to start asking questions. So far I've been loving my disco 1. Small repairs here and there, recently had the u-joints replaced. So that brings me to the front wheel bearings. I've got about 201000miles on the clock right. When I had the joint done i was told the front wheel bearings needed to be re-packed. Is this something I could consider doing myself or is it similar to the u-joints in a Money over hassle. Also should I consider just replacing the entire bearing? Still learning all the little rover things.
Thanks in advance.


On that car they are fairly easy (straightforward). Land rover toolbox has a good video on it. the parts are cheap.
Thanks for the replies. Just did the rear brakes yesterday. Rotors are fine. I plan on hitting the front and possibly doing the bearings next month if time allows. I haven't looked at the toolbox videos! Mainly been using the atlantic british site.


D1 bearings aren't too hard and are a good hands on thing to do. Once you do it once it's a skill that can come in handy throughout the life of servicing the truck.

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X2 bearings aren't too bad. Just get quality bearings and seals (Timken if possible, extremely good brand, but so is SKF).

If you don't want to mess with it, get a bearing kit, pull the hub, and take it to a machine shop. They can take care of it for you. My local shop does it for $15. I pull it in the evening, drop it off on the way to work, pick it up on the way home, install it that night. Done.

Either way, invest in some nitrile gloves as it is a nasty job. Unless you enjoy bearing grease under your fingernails. Whichevs.

I've used Dana 60 wheel bearing torque specs on my 109. No problems. Wonder what the book says for a D1.


The bearings aren't too bad. You'll have to take the rotors off to get to them, so if you're looking to replace rotors it's a good time to do it. You'll want the extra big "hub nut spanner". Give Trevor at RovahFarm a call, he helped me get what I needed and it made it a lot easier.