Front seat covers for G500?


Anyone know of a source for good seat covers for the front seats of a G500? I have a great fitted one for the back seat from Vlad at FourbyFour which fits great. I am looking for the same fit for the front seats. Melvin & Moon does not make them and the front seat covers Vlad carries are very nice but for temporary offrloading. I want a more permanent fitted solution. Anybody know of any or have suggestions?


I am chiming in, because I would like something similar myself. Melvin & Moon would be my first choice if they could be convinced to make such a thing.


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In my 2002 G500, I had a set of original MB sheepskins that came out of our old 1987 300E. Fit was perfect.
They do not work in my 1999 due to the armrest position.

Not sure what year your G is.

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I am chiming in, because I would like something similar myself. Melvin & Moon would be my first choice if they could be convinced to make such a thing.
Me too but see response below to my inquiry to Melvin & Moon for G500 seat covers.

Thank you so much for your mail.
Unfortunately we only manufacture covers for South African market vehicles (bar Land Rover whose seats & configurations do not change). Due to our tailor made fit, even the slightest curvature or control difference results in the covers not been able to fit
So sorry we couldn’t be of assistance
Kind Regards
Jane Steyn



Cover Worx & Takla both in South Africa both make good quality products & I think G seat covers, with how weak the Rand is at the moment they would e very cheap in USD terms.

Check out their FB pages, I find there is better info on their FB pages compared to their website.

They also make nice spare wheel covers with rubbish bags included etc.


I will try Worx. I have already tried Takla and they do not have any for the G500. They offered for me to bring my car in for measurement but would be a little difficult as we are in the States.


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I am getting some custom made myself by a small shop here in Colorado. I can ask about getting more made up and post here. Who would be interested, realistically?


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What year is your G, and how much are we talking?
I have an '03 getting custom covers. I don't know how much I'm paying yet as the pattern is being made for me and still in progress - also the exact material used will influence the price, so if someone chose a fancy material (like Ostrich leather dyed green or something....), the price would change. Mine are being done in a somewhat-canvas material, sort of like a Carhartt jacket, so that it's durable and water-resistant. My goal is to protect my factory upholstery from abrasion and to keep mud etc off of it.

I just had a quick chat with them, and I'm told that once the pattern is made, duplicating the covers should not be time-consuming. I'll post photos as soon as I have some and we can go from there.

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Just keep in mind that the seats changed somewhat in the more recent years, so a seat cover pattern for an 03 most likely won't work for a 15.