Front Runner Wolf Packs


They arrived; they seem nice. I had no issues with the latches (first time I've ever held one of these boxes, much less tried the latches). We'll see how well they do when put into use.


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Is anyone able to measure the height of 2 of the wolf packs stacked? I've looked at the dimensions online, but it looks like I can't just double that dimension because of the way they stack. I'm tempted to get some but I need them to stack 2 high and fractions of an inch are coming in to play. TIA!


My 2 will arrive tomorrow. The 2, when stacked, will replace the single tall Zarges case. I'm tired of packing items on top of other items in the Zarges.
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Going on 8 years and my boxes are a good as the day I got them. Once I finish up my COVID-19 projects, I'll order 4 more. I still have not installed the metal latches I bought, the plastic ones have given me zero trouble.
8 Years? That is insane! I'm glad to see you are still using them after putting them to work for nearly a decade!


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Be careful putting them on your roof in the hot summer sun. Tie down straps will bend plastic lids so they don't stack right.