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I am selling my Front Runner Slimline 2 roof rack. It is an incredibly versatile rack with nearly infinite configurations. I also have a 2 can jerry can carrier, a very sleek under mount camp table, ski rack, canoe carrier, and quick release roof top tent mounts, roof box mounts, and even a waterproof roof box that I have used for recovery gear available in addition if someone wants the accessories with the rack. The rack has T slots in each rail which allows almost anything to be secured in any configuration.

The only reason why I am selling the rack is because I am going to switch over to a hard shell roof top tent which would cover the entire rack and significantly limit the utility of the rack as well as making my awning mount more challenging than I'd like, so I am going to swap to some simple load bars to save weight since the hard shell tent is about 50 lbs heavier than the soft sided tent I used to have on this rack.

This mounts to any Land Rover LR3 or LR4.

$815 for the rack and fairing (which makes it so much quieter than a normal roof rack)
$70 for the Jerry can mount.
$350 for the Pro table mount and table.

Located in Salt Lake City, UT



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Hi there! I am interested in everything except the canoe/sup carrier, and I may be coming to Salt Lake near the beginning of April.

Curious what load bars are you using in place of the rack as well as what hard shell?

I found the the Slim Line II on my LR3 carries my Bush Co Black Series hard shell RTT perfectly, along with the Overland Pros 270 6K awning.



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Let me know if you make it over here. I'm planning on getting an Eezi-Awn Blade. I have an Eezi-Awn Swift Awning and using Eezi-Awn load bars would save me quite a bit of weight on the roof, which is my primary goal as well as simplifying the installation. The Frontrunner rack is plenty stout enough to carry everything, but is also on the heavier side. Given Utah drivers and towing a trailer, I'm trying to minimize as much weight as possible on the roof for my evasion of stupid human trick maneuvers.

Back up plan is just use the Slim Line II rack as I figured out a way to mount everything.
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Still have the rack and the jerry can holder. Right now the Eezi-Awn swift is mounted no problem to the rack, but if someone wanted the rack, I'd still sell it and go with load bars to save a bit of weight off the roof. Table is sold.


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Nobody wants a rack? I found some soft-shell quick release tent mounts I'll throw in with the rack if someone buys it. It could theoretically be shipped too since it can be disassembled.


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I do, but I've just not ever made it back to SLC, as my job disappeared haha. So still in NorCal. Do you know what the dimensions would be for shipping? I get pretty good FedEx or UPS rates.


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According to Front Runner:

Shipping Dimensions:
Width: 450mm (18")
Length: 1730mm (68")
Height: 140mm (6")

Shipping Weight:
Weight: 41.63kg (92lbs)

I don't have a box this size, so there would be some cost for getting materials to box it up. The zip for the closest UPS store is 84109.


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What are the dimensions of this rack? Im wondering if it would fit a swb gwagon with the correct mounting feet.


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Would probably work for a LWB G but not a SWB G.

Tray dimensions are:
1x RRSTD11 - SLII Tray - 1255mm(W)X2166mm(L)

Which is 49.4" wide outside edge to outside edge and 85.3" long outside edge to outside edge. Front Runner advertises a 69.4" tray for the SWB G.

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