Front Runner H2O Can on ARB Extended Slide


Recently I acquired a NIB ARB extended fridge slide (thanks @inonil) . According to ARB that extension can be used for several things, including jerry can style water containers. The issue I saw was even with the slide you needed to use a lot of muscle to get the container out.

I currently transport my water in a 5 gallon carboy for daily use (spout), and refill with a 20L Scepter. Either way I need to dig into the back of the truck and consume tailgate space with the container. So, I had a thought.

I bought the water container from Front Runner with the spout recessed on the bottom (Equipt sells one in blue, if the color matters). I then replaced the cheesy valve with a brass quarter-turn boiler valve, a hose to barb adapter, a length of silicone hose, and a spout on the end. This allows me to empty the can from the tailgate and not touch the slider or hoof containers around. By closing the valve on the bottom, and unscrewing the hose, I can pull the container to refill. Pics.

Container with valve_sm.jpgContainer with hose.jpgIn the truck.jpgThe valve.jpg


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I need to do this for my front runner 12 gallon tank, I bought the hose kit and it sucks. Thx!