From Suburban to Expedition (and 25 years newer)


Well the old Burban's engine packed it in, but she did get us home (barely) before throwing in the towel.

The old girl needs some other work too so we opted to replace her while we decide what to do with her. (????Cummins????)

Ended up bringing home an '04 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer.

It had a fairly extensive list of typical Ford Expy problems, but I've got most of them fixed up at very minimal cost and the issues were a good bargaining chip on my side.

It came with an almost brand new set of 285/75R17 BFG AT K02's on Black Iron wheels, otherwise bone stock.

The only thing I've done besides maintenance and repairs is Install 3 inch strut spacers.

I'm currently building a Roof Rack which is Definitely a Unique creation, will post pics when I get it finished.

Going to build front and rear bumpers, will be as Unique as the Roof Rack..... I'm calling them Heritage Editions......

I need to add a winch up front.... could have used that last weekend..... ended up playing it safe and turning around...

Here's some Pic's!

Before and after the 3 inch spacers:


We're heading out on a 10 day trip here shortly, hadn't really had the truck on anything other than daily driving type stuff yet so we decided to take her on a test run, see how much snow as still hanging around in the foothills of the Rockies.




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I like it. (y)

2nd and 3rd gen Expeditions seem to be widely available on the used market and very inexpensive compared to similar year Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon/Sequoia etc. It'd be interesting to see what you can do with yours.

I know some people don't like the IRS but I think on a rig this size it is not really a limiting factor.


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we need to see a picture of the old 'burban too

Is Dogpound near Water Valley? it's been years since we were thru there but I remember a crafty guy who made cool solid wood furniture.

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