From Italy to Kazakhstan with an UNIMOG Truck


Hi all,

today I start my travel from Milano (Italy) to the Mangistau region in Kazkakhastan.
Focus of my travel is to explore the Mangistau region and the desert area around the Aral Sea.

Here il my travel map

During the travel I want to try to update my blog with photos and comments. This is here:

I hope to meet with some overlander on my route so if you want to know where I am you can find my position on this SPOT map

see you on the road!


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Scott Brady

You will enjoy Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan - beautiful countries and nice people. We look forward to your updates and photos!
Best of fortune on your journey, stay secure and have many fun.You will appreciate Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan - wonderful nations and awesome people.


Hi All,

I'm coming back in Italy with many picture of my travel, here some of this

Here we are in Ucraina, not so far from the Russian Border

Here in the first off-road step of our travel, not very difficult but long!

Here an Unimog U5000 that I have meet in Kazakistan.

My campsite in Ucraina....

Here all the other pictures!! Now I try to write a diary!

Recommended books for Overlanding

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Road Fever (Vintage Departures)
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