Fridge wiring in 05 4runner


Just got in on a group buy to get me into the fridge game and out of the coolers with ice.

Picked up a indel b tb51.

It will most likely only be in the vehicle and on for trips.

I am thinking of just doing the 1 large group 31m agm battery and then wiring some 8ga back to rear driverside cargo area and putting in one of these 3 socket panels

And maybe replacing the center voltage reader with volts and amps to see what the fridge is pulling

Any pros or cons or other ideas?


Anyone running a solar panel roof mounted to keep the 31agm topped off ?curious what size i would need or if its not very feasible and takes up to much real estate .
my daily commute is about 35 min each way and if i was to leave the fridge in not sure if that would be enough to keep the battery in good standing and not have to put it on a charger every month or sooner to prolong the life of the battery


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Sounds like a good set up. I run my fridge off a single group 31 without issue. It can go a couple days without the alternator running or having solar hooked up and still start my truck fine. If I'll be camping in one place for a few days I do have a 100w solar setup that I can hook up. But I typically don't even bring it with me because I will usually be out driving around and exploring and that keeps the battery charged just fine, even if it's only for an hour or so each day.