Fridge size for Jeep JKU?


What is the popular fridge that folks are running in their JKUs?

Dometic 50?
ARB 50?

Am I right in saying 50qts seems to be the perfect size?

Looks like the Dometic 65qt is a bit too tall but would fit in the JKU cargo area without having to turn it length wise.
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Dometic 50 fits just right. It touches the back of the back seat and is just shy of the rear gate. I built a box around it to keep things from piling up on top and against it.513616


Thanks. Trail Recon picked the Dometic 50 so I figured there was a good reason.

EDIT: Trail Recon runs the 40....not the 50
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Dan Grec

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I'm running the Dometic 35L and it's been brilliant.

For two people it's possible to cram in enough food & drinks for a week - but that's really pushing it.
I like that it has such a low current draw on the battery, and doesn't take up too much space inside the Jeep.



I run an Edgestar 63 qt but it's a bit big. In the summer we can be out for up to 3 weeks between store runs so I need the larger size. If you think you will be out longer or support larger groups this might work well for you. the size differance between the 63 and the 50 wasn't that much more, nor was the cost, so it wasn't much of a trade off




Not a popular brand, but i ended up with a Whynter slim 45 (or 42?). I appreciate the narrow width as it leaves space for rest of my gear.



I have 3 kids. We had a mini fridge that died downstairs so I am thinking this would go in it's place instead throwing $300-$400 away on another mini fridge.


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I have a Dometic 50. The 35 & 40 fit virtually the same from door to backseat so I got the taller one for my wife and I. It's more than enough room. I plugged it in last week and won't take it out again until next winter... if then. I usually drive someplace every day so it's never killed my second battery in the back.


Since the rear cargo area width is around 43" (fender to fender) on a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (without subwoofer) I think any fridge over 20" wide is to too large for me. ARB wins on width. Loses on weight.

Dometic Specs

DOMETIC CFX 35W 39lbs. (D x H x W): 27.24" x 16.18" x 15.67" 47 Can/32L Capacity
DOMETIC CFX 40W 41lbs. (D x H x W): 27.24" x 18.15" x 15.67" 60 Can/38L Capacity
DOMETIC CFX 50W 45lbs. (D x H x W): 28.54" x 18.54" x 17.91" 72 Can/46L Capacity
DOMETIC CFX 65W 49lbs. (D x H x W): 28.54" x 22.09" x 17.91" 106 Can/60L Capacity

ARB Specs


I've got the Engel MT45 Dual Zone and my other top choice would be the Snomaster 42. Both have a tall narrow profile that fits perfectly behind the 30% seat on the left in the JKU and comes up level with the stuff I have mounted above the wheel well. They both fit the So Cal Teardrops slide exactly thus wasting minimal floor space while supporting using one of the many shelf options available for the back. I sleep next to it on the passenger side so having maximum width free was a priority.



I have the arb 50qt in the back of the Jeep. Have had it for about 4 years now. Fits perfectly. I also love having the removable lid makes it easy to load and unload. First had it mounted on the arb slide and now it is partnered with the goose gear campkitchen.

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