Fridge Install/Options


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Thanks for the add and this is my first post here. I have a new 2021 Ram Rebel, and am adding a Leitner bed rack, and a rooftop tent very soon. I may or may not put in a Decked system, but probably will down the road. My main question is I am looking at the options of having a Dometic fridge on a slider. Since my truck bed will not be enclosed, what are my options? I am pretty sure they can not just be out in the open, and not enclosed somehow. Any info, pics, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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In the open is not a huge issue. Dust, mud, rain, snow may be issues, yes the mechanicals, venting needs some protection, shelter but I have freinds who leave them year round on the deck full of beer. Often we have to shovel snow before getting one. Not sure of the brand. And they are at least 20 years old. The guy ww buy eggs from keeps the eggs on his porch in a cooler. We drop in the $3.00 and take a dozen eggs. Again, completely exposed, the same cooler for over 12 years and it was old when he put it out.


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Thanks. Good to know. I am not sure if it depends on the brand or type either. Was wondering if anyone puts a cover of some type on while driving, etc. I would probably only be putting it in when on a trip anyway. Not sure how much work it would be to take on and off slider, etc.

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