Fridge/Freezer Wireless Thermometer

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MetalTech lists this wireless remote fridge thermometer from IronMan 4x4, but they are out of stock until February. Unlike the ARB remote, which is hardwired, this one will work in any fridge, with a wireless RF transmitter in the fridge or freezer compartment, running on three batteries. I checked with Equipt, TruckFridge, and a couple other places but no one has any alternatives. Nothing suitable on Amazon. So, anybody have a lead on a wireless thermometer that will hold up in offroad use? I have an ARB 50 with wired remote but I'm going back to my Indel B because it fits the truck better, but its display is on the wrong end of the box so hard to monitor.


Ducky's Dad

That would probably work, but I have enough going on with my iPhone already so would prefer a dedicated monitor that just does one thing reliably. Thanks for the suggestion.

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I use this basic wireless thermometer with my arb50. I just toss the sensor more or less on top of the food. This gives me a worst case reading at the top of the fridge which is good because I’m pretty confident that the ARB is maintaining my set point at the bottom. As we know, without any circulation in the fridge, the top/bottom temps can be quite different. Bonus is you get an in-cab temp reading also.
I've been using one of these cheap Acurite units for about a year...bought two on sale at Home Depot or some such a year ago...$16 each. You can find them on Amazon, but also maybe at Walmart or Costco. No issues with the unit, just don't drop the remote unit in a cooler full of ice water...does not survive. DAMHIK! From now on, if I put the remote in a cooler to monitor temp, I'll put it in a baggy before putting in the wire basket in the cooler.

The unit I have...

This is a similar unit on the Acurite site:


This is my wireless thermometer. Reflection of reflection of my fridge's actual temp readout (left side of image below). :eek: Stupid simple and nothing to fail. A little sensitive to lighting conditions though.


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I've been looking for wireless temp/humidity sensors for my trailer and and came across the Kestrel DROP's:

Probably the most expensive option I've seen but you mentioned "hold up in offroad use"...
"Kestrel DROP loggers are designed to be used anywhere you need to track environmental conditions. Each DROP measures just 1 x 1.8 x 2.4 inches (24 x 46 mm x 60 mm) and weighs just 1.2 ounces (34 grams). DROP loggers meet military and international standards for water, dust and shock resistance (IP-67 and MIL-STD-810G) and are conveniently equipped with a sturdy d-ring for hanging wherever needed."