Freightliner ambulance conversion project.


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Ok guys. Just a warning first. This will not be a build thread. I am too lazy and undisciplined for one of those.

But after getting out E350 4wd ambulance conversion nearly done we worked out that the cab space was just not going to work for us in the long run. So with a severe case of sellers remorse it has moved onto new owners (in Flagstaff so say g'day if you see them).

I picked up the replacement yesterday south of Miami and currently heading back to Phoenix stopping to work a couple of days in Atlanta.

1999 Freightliner FL60 extra cab
Cummins 5.9 24 valve
Allison transmission
12' box with pass through.
4 batteries and built in inverter / charger
150 K on the chassis, 3300 miles and 320 hours on a recon engine.
Bolts rom airside seats (drivers needs some Viagra)

Initial observations:
Goes like a cut cat. Especially in the alt tranny mode.
Shakes like a dog pooping razor blades. Tires are a long way from their best days, basically bald and sitting under inflated for a long time. But hopefully they will get me home.
Magic air horn. I bet the people standing on the corner with their signs saying "honk for impeaching Obama" remember it :)
Currently sitting it between 60 - 65 but it will easily run to 80 (gps speeds the speedo is somewhat optimistic )
No radio or music of any kind.
Bloody AC does not work and someone forgot to tell Florida it is supposed to be cool at this time of the year.
Cab is way more comfortable than the ford.
Not sure what color to call it. Is it gay glow yellow, snot green or pus yellow? Still on the fence on this one. I just need to convince the missus that it is a really safe color rather than spend the money painting it.

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should be an excellent start! cant wait to see where it ends up.

any chance your willing to give us a price?

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Looks like you will have plenty of cab space now :) which is great for bringing family along with you & the misses.

And since you aren't building the rig to rockcrawl & have the motos to play with, well the 2wd should do everything you want in comfort & style.

As for the least you can find your rig in the dark :)


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Man, I am in love, that thing is awesome! Can't wait to see more pics! While you are at it taking pictures, can I trouble you to take a few pics of how the box is mounted to the frame? Since I am remounting mine on a different frame, the more reference pics the better!


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OK sorry for the lag here. Trying to get 5 days work and the obligatory home office meetings into 3 days. So no new daylight photos until Thursday at the earliest. But I will throw a couple I already have in here just to keep it rolling.

Drivers front of the box. Notice the passthrough into the cab wahoo!!!!!


Entry door and cabinet that is accessible from inside and outside.


Back passengers side. (RHS looking forward for you Aussies, Kiwis and Poms)


This slide for the oxygen bottles should make a good fridge slide for the ARB. We intend to put in an Engel upright compressor fridge as well as the ARB using the ARB as a freezer.


And one of the reasons getting an ambo makes sense financially. Inverter already in place and wired throughout the vehicle. It also has the external power inlet plug but this one has the 15amp pins on it. might be a bugger to find a lead for.



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Oh I forgot the real driver for picking this rig. The extra cab configuration.

I have a set of Sienna recliners to go in the 2 passenger spots. That along with the air ride bases will make momma happy :)


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Well I don't have to worry about bugs drugs or hitch hikers. The border patrol just zapped it with a gizzillion watts of gamma rays.

" No photos please sir. Stand over here about " 50 feet from the ray gun toting international truck.

"You don't want to get too close to that."

Maybe opening the conversation with "g'day mate" and answering the where are you coming from question with "Miami" was not my smartest decision.
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So you're approaching El Paso then... Unless you stop, you will be through here before Monday, let me know