Freeze dried hash browns - who else likes them?


Kapitis Indagatoris name is Paul and I am a fried tater addict.
Got home late, tired, hungry, thirsty and really just wanted some comfort food. Had a partial bag of seasoned french fries, diced them and tossed them in a fry pan with onion and one chopped sausage. Let them brown, added a couple of eggs and some cheddar cheese......chopped seasoned french fries! A whole new tater experience!
I'll be quiet now.


New member
I like those from Denny’s, They use freeze-dried hash-browns, then fill them with hot water and stores them in the cooler. To cook them, they use tons of liquid butter on a 375 degree flat grill. The trick to getting them crispy, (besides making sure they aren’t over-watered when prepping) is to not bother with them for at least 5 or 6 minutes before flipping them over. If you flip too soon, the optimal crisp is lost.

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