FreeWheel - Wheel Chair attachment


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Thanks for the info. I'm looking for things that will make it easier for my son to get around. This looks great.


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If anyone wants to buy a FreeWheel or would like to demo one, let me know. I am the the FreeWheel Rep for California.

I am near LAX, but travel around SoCal, so let me know.



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I have one FreeWheel and rack combo for sale at a special EXPO price.

Regular price is $599 + $129 = $728 + $35 shipping and tax. Both are brand new.

Combo Price is $600 including shipping - You get the rack for free!

This is a EXPO special and there is only one combo unit at this price.

If the buyer is in SoCal, I will do the installation near LAX.

This Expo special will be posted until combo sells.
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I enjoy mine. Only consideration is your footprint is much longer which can limit you at times. Fortunately the FW is easy to detach/attach in those situations.