Freestar: Construction of a big rig !


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That’s awesome that you have access to a crane and can test the torsion like that. It looks pretty flexible to me. I can’t wait to see what subframe design you come up with.

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First sketch. What we don’t see at the middle points is the elbow pin to allow small movements

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We have been working on this project for 2 years now. We made the plans and researched components with the help of the various manufacturers. To date, we have received the truck, the container that will serve as a living cell and various components for manufacturing (windows, insulation, appliances, heating system, air conditioning).

We proceeded to the tests of the prototype of subframe made out of wood for the needs of the cause. It meets 100% the torsion requirements of the chassis. With the help of 2 laser pointers, we were able to validate the concept of the subframe. The function of this subframe is to prevent the torsion of the chassis from being transmitted to the living cell. The chassis of the truck can twist about 60 cm. This stress should not be transferred to the camper itself.

2021-03-13 16.15.18.JPG2021-03-23 09.04.47.JPG2021-03-23 08.54.50.JPG
What is the height of the roof ? Plus vents or air conditioning?
Other than weight, I have found my most limiting dimension is height.


Hydraulic side patio

The height is 13’ including solar panels and a roll bar around the top.
Air conditioning is not a roof one. It’s 12v Fresco 9000 by Autoclima. The radiator will be on the front roof rack (top of the cab)

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