Free Spirit Recreation Adventure 55 Manual RTT First Impressions

I just received my FSR Adventure 55 Manual a few days ago, not a lot of info on these so I thought I would post my first impressions of my experience with the company and the tent. I wanted a hardshell rtt, but could not justify spending $2500 plus at this juncture (maybe next time though). So I researched a bunch and found the FSR Adventure 55 Manual. Loved how basic and simple set up was and the low profile of approx 9 inches when folded were selling points to me. Did some research on company and many reviews reported excellent customer service.
Box tent came in is pretty beat up from shipping and I have time to remove top half and find a broken support pole. I am able to put in other 2 support poles and get an idea of what tent will look like. Contact customer service and new pole on way. I get busy with work, come back to finish unpack 2 days later. Bummed to find a big dent in aluminum extrusion frame, hit so hard it pushed slate into aluminum extrusion on opposing side and dented it outwards. So, I contact customer service again… this time they tell me it will not be covered due to fact I did not mention when I found pole! What! I had not fully unpacked. Then, I decide to put cover on and open sealed bag to find a cover strap missing. I am disappointed with their attention to detail and lack of customer service with shipping damage. They told me I could buy a new frame for $450 and pay for shipping… insane. So as far as the customer service, if it is a little item, no problem… if it is a bigger issue, you are on your own. Oh well, live and learn… will use this summer, sell, and buy a tent from a company that will back the entire purchase process from sale, shipping, etc.
While the company failed me, the tent is pretty decent. It has aluminum frame with slates that supports 3” thick foam floor, mattress on top that is comfortable, and a nice telescoping ladder. The plastic they use on hinges for support / tent poles is cheap and why the pole was broke upon arrival. I would get some 3/4 bimini top pole connectors to have ready when one inevitably breaks in field… I need to measure tent pole diameter and get some for those.
Tent is roomy at 55”x80”, blacks out inside when fully zipped, came w 2 rain flys… the biggest downfall besides cheap plastic joints is the cover. It has straps that you have to attach after putting cover on, they tell you that. What they do not tell you is straps do not have Velcro or a way to manage excess, so they are going to flap around everywhere making noise and eventually wearing cover. So need to figure something out on that.
Will work for now. Will be looking for quality company for next purchase, any suggestions are welcome.



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Save the packaging, call your credit card company and do a chargeback.
If a freight shipment carton is damaged on arrival, do not sign for it until you open it and inspect the contents.
I discarded packaging as I unpacked unfortunately. I have pictures, but unsure if that is enough. I have resubmitted warranty to see if they can make this right. Will be contacting better business bureau also. Might try card company route if something doesn’t pan in a couple of days. Appreciate!


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Happy to report that president of company called me today and apologized. Will be sending new tent out. Situation was frustrating, but company stepped up in the end. Thank you FSR for sorting this out. That was the customer service I read about and I am stoked it is all sorted.
We have the FSR 55 High country and love it. Glad to hear you got it sorted. I think you will really like your tent.
I will tell you I am not a fan at all of roof top Tents. However, yours is a nice one. I like the design and function.
Thanks, I really like the simple set up and breakdown. Putting on the cover is not tough once you have done it a few times. Not having a hard top cover really cuts the weight down. Easy to move w 2 people. All in all pretty happy with it.
Got the new tent today, much better condition, shipped to my door. Shipping these is tough due to lack of care by shipping companies. The box I got this time had foot prints on it, Fed ex delivery guy even said, “looks like someone walked on it”… checked it out and just had one dent in pole. Will touch base w FSR and see what they think. Just want to make sure Will not fail due to location of dent. All in all ready to get out and use this! Headed to Colorado and Wyoming for test run.

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