Fred the Van. The More We Explore's Adventure Van Build Thread


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instagram wont let me steal the image to repost, but it looks GREAT!

I somehow missed yall are still replacing the trailer even though you arent downsizing the van??


You can screen shot the image on your phone or PC, then re-save it. Ubuntu has an option to capture a specific area of the screen, so editing is mnimised.


Here are some pics. My wife LOVES the new look even more than before. Somebody told us "once you get a high top on Fred, you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner." They couldn't have been more right. This completely changed the van, in a good way. It doesn't feel topheavy, and so far it hasn't felt sketchy in crosswinds. And it actually tows better with the top on it.



google photos is the WORST photo host ever. I used to use picasa, but then google discontinued that. And expo won't let me upload anything bigger than 500kb. I'll need to find a new image host.

Recommended books for Overlanding

Van is looking great! My wife and I look forward to your videos - Glad that Fred and the current Airstream are going to continue to work for you!


Steve, just host them here on the board, then they will always be around. I cannot tell you how many cool threads I have read through over the years where people used Photobucket, AOL photo album or so other horrible hosting service and the thread was ruined because all of the pictures to which the text refers have gone missing.

Pirate and Mud both allow you to buy extra storage space if needed and I know you are a smart guy with computers and tech, so I am sure you will come up with a solution for this. The premium account may be worth doing to keep everything here. I am sure we could get a few people to chip in and cover it if needed.

Another option is to buy your own domain (do not use GoDaddy) and host the images there. You do not need to actually put up a website in order to host pics. Just dump them into a folder and use IMG tags to display them.


are all currently available according to Network Solutions WHOIS.
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Looks beachin Steve, how is the head room now, can you stand up totally? (if so how tall are you and how much room)


Looks wicked! Great choice on the high top. Were you able to shoot an install video? and you have to tell me how to get a hat like that :)