Frame differences between the "normal" G-wagon and the chassis cap with increased GVWR?



maybe someone over here knows the answer to this question, With US-Trucks it's pretty normal, that the chassis cab version has a very different frame compared to the pickup-version, since it has to be upfitter friendly. So those trucks usually have a classic open c-channel frame in the rear end.

In case of the g-wagon i know it always stays boxed with pipe-shaped cross members, but is the same boxed profle in general? A classic g-wagon frame is 155x75x3mm in the mid section, pretty solid, but since the chassis cap version is designed for a GVWR of around 10.000lbs, not THAT much. So does the g got a bigger profile or thicker metal in this version?

I know this is NOT the case for the Defender 130, but the landy only goes up to 7700lbs....



Hm nobody got anything on that?

I know it's a bit simple to just compare the dimensions on boxed profiles, but for example the modern-day F-350 from Ford got
241x89x4.7mm, which compared to the G's 155x77x3 is just soo much bigger...

Also the G-wagon is the only one of the classic contenders to even have a version with so much bigger axles and a so much larger GWV, the Defender, TLC and Patrol never got such an option, so it's hard to guess how they would compare.