Fox shocks for 2008 chevy express van awd 5.3l v8


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Heh, new to the forum. I have been trying to figure out whether offer not fox shocks 2.0 will fit my chevy. I reached out to weldtec and they can't guarantee that those shocks will fit because it is an AWD. The AWD is built on the 1500 platform but because it is an AWD I suspect that the fittings may be different. Thoughts?


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I should have mentioned that I put a traxda lift kit on it 3" front and 1" back. The lift came with extenders for the front shocks. I definitely needed the extenders since I felt like I was on a pogo stick


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Thank you. I will check with them. Traxda also indicated that stock shocks should work but to watch for the length. I would remove the Traxda extenders for the front if the fox shocks are longer than stock


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I’d make sure you get longer front shocks and get rid of the extenders. Extenders will help the shocks reach, but they’ll do nothing to help with wheel travel. The last thing you want to do to your new shocks is to bottom them out or over extend them. I’ve wrecked a few because my wheel travel exceeded what the shocks would allow.


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I've been looking for Fox shocks also. Looks like the van has the same suspension as a H3 Hummer,Tahoe and Suburban. Fox has shocks for them as Bilstein does to.


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I put weldtech fox 2.0 in front they fit and ride nicely.

'09 express 1500 H1(awd) LT


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I have a 3500 express with Quigley 4x4. I called Agile with measurements of full collapse and full droop and front and rear weight of van when loaded and they custom valved a set of Fox shocks for me. Best money I ever spent on my Van


Heh thank you for the response. I'm looking at the bottom mounts on the stock shocks. Totally different than what you find on the fox shocks. I don't think the fox shocks will work on the front
Fox does make a clevis mount for the bottom. I think the shock that fits the front of our vans is 985-02-009. But I don't know if the factory valving is enough for a loaded camper van they are designed for 1500 series trucks and suv's.


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When I did a torsion key lift on my awd I used bilstein 5100 series for the front. No shock extenders or anything like that. Bolted right in. part number 24-186643

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