Four Wheel Camper shell build out advice


Ordering our Hawk shell this week and am super stoked! This trip has been in the works for years!

For those that have built out their own shells, what would you do differently or advice do you have. We have a 6 and 7 y/o and will be FT'ing it locally from May 1st-June 21st. Once the kids finish their school year we're off. 12-14 months across the Americas before we resettle back on the East Coast.

Lastly for now, how is installing your own roof rails on the FWC and do the rear wall steps make a difference? Right now I've optioned to get it done by them, but I already have a set of Rhino Rack rails and everything I'm mounting up there is Rhino Rack. I'll check out YouTube when I get home and see what I can find out.


We have and love their build. We’re using it as a “base”, but we’ll be building ours from 80/20 aluminum and putting our 3rd bunk above the door rather than along the side.

Thanks for the response.


We went with a Hawk Shell.
From the factory:
Heater and Stove,
Side Dinette
outside light

We added Later:
Second Battery
Solar Panel and charger
Roof Rack
Extra Strut
Arctik pack
DC fridge
Usb charger

Love the side dinette and the stove/heater. I wish the heater was a was a wabasco as humidity is an issue.
I should have done the rack from the factory because scheduling and having it installed later was extra work. The rack comes in handy , especially for the solar panel.
The second battery is great
the extra strut is awesome , should have done that from the factory.
We think the arctick pack makes a big difference.
We don't use the awning as much as I would like , we moved from sunny so cal to the PNW.
The fridge is awesome!
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