four wheel camper hawk for sale on 2010 ram 2500 6sp manual crew cummins 4x4


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some of us old guys who have money to spend don't do instagram.
I think a lot folks think "suspect" when someone signs up to the site simply to post a For Sale ad with nothing but pics. It's a lot easier to trust someone when they've been here contributing to the group for a while. Not criticizing just pointing out why it was brought up.

And why should someone have to go from here to IG to get details? You signed up for the site to try and sell your vehicle so, just a friendly suggestion, try and sell it here. Or is posting what kind of engine, transmission, trim level, etc, too much work?
ig is there if you want
if not dont
clearly you had time to write what you did
maybe that effort could be questions about vehicle
cheers buddy😘