Four Wheel Camper ‘Project M’


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Anyone have any info yet on this? FWC seems to have just released a couple teaser pics on Instagram of this model in testing. It sounds like it’s meant to be a light weight option that isn’t a full camper. Looks to me like a pop up camper/cap. I’ve been looking at a cap for my power wagon and shying away from a FWC due to the weight (yes, I know plenty of guys run them on PWs) and cost. This might be a perfect option for that platform at a lighter weight and hopefully lower cost without all the bells/whistles/comfort options of a full camper.

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I’ve seen the same pictures and was wondering if this is going to compete in the wedge camper market.

I’d be interested in this or a wedge type camper if it had a back door and tailgate delete option.


Looks pretty cool. I agree with Jo_Duval, a back door without the tailgate would make this a great option for someone to build out their own camper.


This would be right up my alley, it'd be interesting to see their price point on this. I believe you can already get a mostly bare FWC around $10k. I seep under a standard cap at the moment and would love something with more head room.


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Glad there’s interest in this. I’m looking forward to interior pics and pricing as well. I was really hoping someone on the forum might have some insider info to share. It seems like some people are able to get a bit more before things are released


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We'll start an official thread soon. Our team is just trying to get some video & photos ahead of time for our marketing materials, and also get a couple more weeks of real testing before we make any official announcements. We are shooting for a lower cost, lighter weight product to add to our existing product line.
Can't wait for more details! I was so close to pulling the trigger on a bed cap with hard shell RTT, but this option is way more appealing. I'll be watching.

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Genius idea in theory, eagerly awaiting more info on the dust prevention, and if it will be available with a door/tailgate delete.

One of the big reasons I went with FWC was its contained design and dust prevention.