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I decided to sell our van and I’m not sure where to price it. 2001 e350 extended 108k miles 7.3 power stroke.
factory front seats plus 2 rows of double transit seats total seating for 6. Queen size bed. 2 drawers and arb freezer. My solar panels died so right now the house batteries don’t charge onboard. I charge them before we leave and there’s plenty of reserve to run the fridge for a weekend. 25 gallon gravity fed water tank. 2000 watt inverter. The high top was damaged when we got it. I repaired it and it’s obvious, but doesn’t leak. It was a wheelchair van and the left damaged the passenger seat. I was going to replace the seats and get some with integrated belts because the front belts don’t retract as well as I would like. Tires, batteries, brakes, and shocks all replaced at about 102k miles. Rear axle seals and bearings replaced this week
The van has been great for us and only selling because I have too many projects and responsibilities.



Second buyer couldn’t materialize the funds so it’s back up for sale.

4x4 02 7.3 PSD E350 Hightop Campervan

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It seems that people are trying to get bank loans. You are really looking for a cash buyer. When banks enter the VIN, they see a basic 20 year old cargo van. I have owned and sold a lot of E350 vans and they are a mystery to banks. Good luck with the sale.


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Big Blue is now for sale on Ebay!!!! Bidding starts at $18,000. Has a really useable layout and is a ton of fun. 5.4 gas V8, Quigley 4x4, full-float rear axle, RIP package. See Ebay listing here. Thanks for looking

I hate to say it however I believe your van is a classic example of what is being discussed in another thread concerning the sales of vehicles versus price.

Your first auction started at $18,000 on EBAY. After an additional 5 EBAY auction re-listings (I counted em) you were down to $12,000 for your last "Buy It Now/Make Offer" asking price EBAY auction and the van finally sold for $12,000 or less. By then your van was old news for most buyers. What's a seller to do?

Price it RIGHT the to begin with instead of dreaming and you just might have got MO MONEY the first time you listed it for sale!

It's hard to find people with the CASH to buy old year model vans no matter how nice or Kool they are. The banks won't finance em for any decent amount of money because of the age of the vehicle. Your wife says Hell NO your not buying that van on our Home Equity line and all of a sudden you have lot's of folks that WANT your van and nobody with the cash to BUY your van!
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