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Holy hell that's some $$$. That being said, looks pretty well-built mechanically (although I'd rather have a 4x4 job done by u-joint or somebody other than quigley at that price). Nice that it's the v10 and not another expensive diesel. One man's van is another man's..... house? Or vacation house? Or condo? A lot of different things you could buy for that price.


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Not a single deal posted in over a month?
Is the boom still going?

The covid van boom is very much still going. I sold my 2016 2wd sprinter in 24 hours for asking price on Craigslist this week.

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I just spent an hour on craigslist. Colorado has a couple of good looking options. There's an e series I really like, but my wife has me considering a Toyota Hiace Super Custom Limited 4WD TurboDiesel


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I wasn't going to respond to this, but I kept thinking about the van. I decided to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and sent him an email

I put my phone number in the subject and wrote "I'm interested in talking to you about the 4x4 van" I put my number again and said call or text.

In reply to that message I received

On Mon, Aug 2, 2021 at 11:40 AM craigslist 7359374959 <> wrote:
lmk when you will be here with cash


Sounds scammy, but maybe he’s so inundated with offers he can’t keep things straight. Maybe try “I’ve got cash, Lmk what address to meet at.” Sounds like a good way to get held up though...

I have a little bit of patience for this stuff as I once bought a gutted chinook from a sketchy ad and the seller was equally sketchy in communication. Turns out he was just _really_ bad at that stuff. But yeah, it’s probably a scam the other 99% of the time.
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I perused Craigslists a few nights ago, and there are some good looking vans here in Southern CA, but the prices are absolutely ridiculous.

Example of pricing:

Here are some others in my area.



Of all of those listed, the silver 2002 E350 V0 for $7900 is the best deal, even given the high mileage. It's not the best deal because it's the cheapest listed. It's the best deal (IMO) in terms of potential. Slap an MG kit under that and the value goes up 20 grand. An interior and it's another 20 grand. It will still be a high mileage van but proven and capable.

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