FOUND Vans For Sale!


This facebook marketplace nonsense is really frustrating for people like myself who value their privacy! It's robbing me of deals from craigslist lol.
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Recommended books for Overlanding

999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me
by Dan Grec, Dan Grec
From $19.95
The Longest Line on the Map: The United States, the Pan-A...
by Eric Rutkow
From $13.39
Overlanders' Handbook: Worldwide Route & Planning Guide: ...
by Chris Scott
From $29.95
Tschiffely's Ride: Ten Thousand Miles in the Saddle from ...
by Aimé Tschiffely
From $10.99
Motorcycle Messengers 2: Tales from the Road by Writers w...
by Jeremy Kroeker, Ted Simon, Lois Pryce, Billy Ward,...
From $9.99


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2003 Ford E450 7.3L 33k miles $13,499. Not mine and I don't know the people selling it. I stumbled on this one today sitting in a parking lot. It would make a perfect work vehicle for me, if it wasn't for the windows on the right side. It is in fantastic shape.

Such a beautiful thing... a little bigish to daily drive.

I’d like a couple of those wall seats... :D


If anyone is interested in a 7.3 cargo van with a sliding door...

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This copart rig is mislisted as a 2wd. Looks like a few people are on to it but not many. If someone here gets it please let us know! Ends in 2 days and it is at 16k.
Would love to see this in baja this winter.

Updated to say that someone got a lifted 4x4 RV with 77k miles for $23,000
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Recommended books for Overlanding

Long Way Round: Chasing Shadows Across the World
by Ewan McGregor, Charley Boorman
From $14.59
Drive Nacho Drive: A Journey from the American Dream to t...
by Brad Van Orden, Sheena Van Orden
From $15.95
Crossing the Congo: Over Land and Water in a Hard Place
by Mike Martin, Chloe Baker, Charlie Hatch-Barnwell
From $29.19
Motorcycle Messengers: Tales from the Road by Writers who...
by Lois Pryce, Mark Richardson, Carla King, Sam Manic...
From $9.99
4WD Driving Skills: A Manual for On- and Off-Road Travel
by Vic Widman
From $17.27


I am looking at buying a f350 camper on craiglist 6862363564,
Does anyone know this truck or are anywhere near it to give it a quick check before a pay for a flight to Worcester MA.