FOUND Vans For Sale!


Tail-End Charlie
reasonably priced low mileage class B high roof

For all this guy's hype, you would think he'd at least turn on the flash for interior pics.

What I like about this one is that the head is not laid out in a stupidly absurd fashion, unlike all the others. This one has the toilet to the side with a proper showerpan in the center.

Mine has the toilet in the center with a cheesy little "RV bathtub" off to the side. Did no one happen to notice that the walls in a van slope inward at the top? Tyrion the Imp could use the shower in my campervan...I can't. I have to stand out back to shower.
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Yeah the interior pics are really hurting. That is a good floorplan for sure, can't say I've seen that layout before. Those bathtubs are beyond worthless, glad mine is devoid of any sort of shower altogether!