FOUND Vans For Sale!

Texas Aggie

Cool Astro. Not sure if it's a scam, but here it is listed on an auction site. Note that it isn't but "" which seems fishy as well. At least there is a phone number to call in this ad if someone wants to try to talk to an actual person to see if it's legit.

Edit: And here's an old Ebay ad apparently from Canada (it's in French), so I'd say it's likely a scam in the Craigslist ad:


I smell SCAM!! They're getting better at making the CL posts look more realistic, but the one photo, the low price and sketchy description of the van and features add up to less than zero. That and the other sketchy ads found by Expo members...
I flagged the CL ad, if more do and it turns out to be legit, the OP will repost and maybe do a better job.


Selling a plain jane 1996 Ford E350 7.3 Powerstroke Turbo Diesel 2wd Cargo Van.
It has 200,000 miles.
It is fairly clean.
Picture attached is of Similar Van
PM me if interested.



I don't think I've seen a dually Chevy Express passenger van before?

Chevy express, 15 passenger dually. - $7500
It runs and drives like new. It's been a church van it's all life. 115k miles 15 passenger..made special for church to care people.dually tires. And All 6 new all terrain tires put on recently. Not even 2 miles on the tires. Needs nothing. Clean title. Interior nice and clean. All windows,alarm.



Pretty generous guarantee included at the bottom. It's not much, but I think it's a decent good faith offer usually not seen in CL ads....
Yeah, that's great of him to say "I don't offer a warranty but I do offer a guarantee." That plus the pile of receipts... That's what I really like to see with any used vehicle.