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It's a great looking van, but $20,000 seems a little steep.
I wonder why there is a replacement motor in there... 90K miles is nothing for any stock motor theae days. Makes me think of lack of maintenance - how about the rest of the rig?


Bbasso - All I know and she's not that mechanical is that there was anti-freeze somewhere there wasn't supposed to be. Not really sure why but a brand new motor with a 36000 mile warranty isn't bad.

NLPRacing - 20000 is definitely the top that she expect someone to spend for this van. But with all the options it has and the leather seating with the four captains chairs the only thing this van has going against it is that it's an E-150. If it was an E350 I'm sure people would be all over it. I'll have to check but I think the frames are the same as the E250 and all that's different are the springs.


an E150 and a E350 is the same except for the suspension, available drive trains, and available axles. The bodies can actually be swapped.

I see an increase in moms driving full-size vans. The Nissan NV2500 passenger van starts at $35,000. If ford replaced the engine with a new one some body with a large family will get it.


Hey that GMC is ex-NASA! You can almost see the old decal on the door. 22k on the odo, 13' tall with the railings...!

Also love this condition description for a 32 year old vehicle:
"Repairs required including but not limited to: Seats worn."

That's it...