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Currently at about $4000 usd
5.2 L4 with approximately 50,000 miles on it.
Outside compartments galore... including one set up for a generator.
Set up as a workshop currently. At least 6’7” high in the back. Would be easy to make bunks.
Passenger front seat torn, drivers lower replaced. Seats 5+. Looks solid... no obvious damage.

One sold recently at auction for about $17,000 usd.
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Low mileage ambo, real clean, auction ends in 2 hours. Currently at $710...

**sold for $3450**

Year: 1985
Make: Ford
Model: Econoline XL
Mileage: 16999
VIN: 1FDHS34L0FHA55458
Running Condition: Runs
Engine: V8 gas
Transmission: Automatic, OK
Tires: Good

Fairly complete. Radios no longer legal; will be removed. Red lights will be removed unless sold to an organization that can legally use them. Driven to where it now sits within the past several months. Was in a garage until then. Tires good. Plate #G-77124. Brakes OK. Engine V8 gas, automatic transmission.

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Yeah, it's another cool, chopped and raised kind of deal. Interesting how they kept the lower 1/2, then added that reinforced fiberglass top. Sprinter-style. It's nice how the added straight sides keep the head room.

Interesting doors...
That's a neat conversion but just look at all that hepatitis on the floor of that thing! I wouldn't want to get anywhere near it!