FOUND Vans For Sale!


Cool service body w/ windows & nice bulkhead/divider with windows and door. I like the side compartments w/ pass through. Perfect inside counter & outside cooking area.
2005 Ford E350 SERVICE BODY - $17995 (Salem, OR)
2005 Ford Econoline E-350 Super Duty service/ utility van, 5.4L V8, auto, ait , tilt, cruise ,Am/Fm stereo, Stahl covered service box with exterior passthroughs, inerior shelving, fleet maintained, 142k miles



Those 4x4 Isuzu RVs are cool. I checked one out in Portland. Lower roof height, but there's a lowered "well" area in back by the stove.


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2003 E350 Quigly 4x4 Handicap Van with high top, gas, 50,000 miles, $12950
I tried to buy this van, and the seller was very difficult to deal with. Sometimes fast replies, other times days or weeks in between replies. Would agree to let me see it and test drive it, then not reply on the day of the meeting and would no-show. I get the distinct feeling it is not legit. A similar one for sale in CO right now, but the 6 cyl.

Scotty D

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I saw that when you put it up, seems like a pretty good deal.
I sold a 2wd 1990 in denver two years ago. Ads on craigslist and Samba.
Could have sold it three times in the first 24hrs and it was priced aggressively. Not a single real offer from the samba guys. Have you been getting much response ?