FOUND Vans For Sale!

89s rule

I found this one:

Actually interested in it however, I have sent two messaged to the seller asking about the repair damage, more pictures, rust, etc. Seller has yet to respond, so I will be passing on it. Probably should haev anywya considering a salvage title. Looks liek it needs work but has good potential, too bad sellers cannot answer simple questions. IMHO if you put it on eBay you need to be prepared with pictures, and quick answers as you are no longer listing it to a local area. The sear continues... 97-03 7.3 <200K Barn doors and EB is all I ask for.. cargo, passenger, or conversion would all work for me.

devo 1

I will soon have one of my work vans for sale. 03 e350 7.3 rb xlt. Originally a Walmart maintenance van from Dallas, Texas.