FOUND Vans For Sale!


My wife and I were actually considering this one when it was at Best Auto Recovery in Kenmore a while back. It was built by an autobody guy. We never got to the point of going and driving it, but it's supposed to drive really nicely and be some good work. The 4x4 conversion still needs a transfer case to be complete. The auction is on my birthday, so we may have to head up that way :sombrero:

I walked by the auction yard this morning and snapped a few iPhone pics. As you noted, it's not 4x4 yet. It's leaf springs all around.



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the van has a 5.4 with 96000 miles. Power seat, 2 inch level lift and the steel rear wheel spacers and cold front and rear a/c . Fresh synthetic oil change and very good tires, private owner. Text me or leave voicemail 561 414 4293 or email me at

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New AWD GMC Savana

Found this at the chevy dealer in Boulder, thought I'd take a few shots just in case. I inquired and it's dealer stock & ready to go...