Found a Gemtop Topper...


in the Denver area for very little money ($275 obo). Took my new Dodge 2500 shortbed over and it was close but no cigar. It came off of an older Dodge but I'm not sure what it was originally made for other than some variant of full-sized short bed. Looked like a heck of topper for the money with loads of mod potential for the enterprising builder. I'm happy to pass on the info if that isn't bad form. No personal connection to the seller other than that I just drove two hours back and forth with my family (moving it is a four person task) to hoist the thing out of his yard and onto my truck only to put it back down again. However, his ad did say that he was open to negotiation and just wanted to get it out of his yard. He succeeded on that part as it is now outside his fence, no minor achievement given the weight, gate size and hornets' nest.