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So I’ve been doing adventures with an old friend in his sprinter van. It’s a sports mobile and it only has a single berth aft. So I’ve been pitching a tent every night for my accommodations. I’ve gotten real lucky not getting rained on or eaten by any bears so far, but I’d like to add a bed inside. We were thinking about a sideways bed that goes in the driving area in front. However I’m 6’5” and so this would require me feet to stick out the window pretty far. So, we are wanting some input for out of the box ideas like this to store two bodies in a van, who are not inclined to snuggle, or even hug at all (he’s an engineer)


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cots that fold down off the wall running length wise? you can put two of those in back of a cargo van and retain hauling capability.. getting 7ft length should be doable.

getting eaten by bears is wildly over-rated, if anything sleeping soft sided in bear country hardens your resolve to observe proper protocol that really should be maintained even when sleeping in a hard side.


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If you go to sportsmobiles website you can use their floorplan configuration tool. If you could post a screenshot or image of roughly what floorplan he has, it would make this a lot easier.

If you have a local upholstery shop that works with Inflatables and bladders you could have them make an inflatable bed/mattress that could be put between the front seats down the middle of the vehicle. I've seen similar units for the back of cars and trucks.


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Sleep cross ways across the the front drivers seats with both feet extended out of 1 open side window while wearing used smelly boot socks to cover your feet when camping in bear country. Problem of being 6 ft 5 inches tall should be solved within the first few nights of sleeping in this position.

You will then able to sleep in the same position with the side window closed! :)

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I haven’t tried the the hammock thing yet. I’ve heard that’s valid option, but I can’t seem eye it personally. The aisle isn’t good because then he can’t get to the bathroom.

We may end up getting a different camper all together. I think we can get a sprinter based RV for similar to what this sports mobile is worth and have way more amenities and comforts. The older sprinter winnebagos are getting affordable. Not much for overlanding, but we can still get into trouble!