Forester: ExPo Subaru Project


Very cool project, I'll be watching this one.

I've got a soft spot for Subarus since one of my dream cars as a kid was the Subaru Brat :bike_rider:

Elliot Press, that one one clean machine!


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Very cool project, I'll be watching this one.

I've got a soft spot for Subarus since one of my dream cars as a kid was the Subaru Brat :bike_rider:

Elliot Press, that one one clean machine!
A 1978 Subaru Brat was my first car, my mom had a 1978 Station wagon so my dad bought me the Brat. First car I let him finance me on, it took ten years before I let him finance me again.:) I had it a year and then got a 1966 Scout and my sister got it for her first car, she is a year younger than me. She drove it for several years until she was partway through college and then she got rid of it. Fun cars!


+1 on the Primitive Racing skids....good stuff. The guys who make them REALY love their Subies.
In spite of a gain of 3 inches of chassis height from oversize tires and a 2 inch suspension lift, I've been beating on the Primitive Racing skidplates under my Suzuki SX4 on rough mountain roads for quite some time now. They survive a rally-speed jump with a dead-center landing on a tall half-buried rock quite well:

Without these skidplates, my engine oil pan and rear diff housing would have spilt their guts many times over.


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Automatic? :(

I like technical "wheelin'" with an automatic, but I think the Subaru 4 cylinder matched with the 5spd manual is preferable. Was this a conscious choice, or just "what you got?"


Thank you for doing this. We have been comparative shopping between the Outback, Forester, Highlander and 4Runner. Since we already have a 4Runner we are strongly looking at Subaru but don’t what to give the benefits of the 4Runner.

I just did notice the old school rim on the back of the Forester.

Elliot Press

I'd give my left testis for Subaru to offer a manual transmission, 2-speed t-case version of the Forester or Outback in the US market. :drool:
The "low" range on the Subaru's here in Australia is pretty lame really. Not really low range at all...should be called "slightly lower range" but yeah.


Subscribed. Great idea to keep things new and interesting. Will look foreword in great anticipation for the final product. As with all the Expo vehicles, this promises to be a heck of a build!!


Excellent! I've actually been considering an 03-04 Forester as my next vehicle so I'll be watching this thread closely:ylsmoke:


Assuming you're talking about handbrake turns, you're not supposed to with a Subaru. At least on the WRX it was a no-no, supposed to harm the center diff. Not sure yours even has a center diff. Since it's an auto, it might have the clutch pack instead of a diff. And since it's gutless, it won't oversteer easy. Subaru also tuned the suspension for massive understeer. Look for a set of front and rear swaybars that may help.
I assume you're talking pavement, yes? Many drift WRX's through turns in the gravel, why thats half of rally.

Anyway, Scott I'm glad you're going to keep this build relatively simple. While I do like to see people try and turn grocery getters into Land Rovers, I'd really like to see just how far the little grocery getter will go in stock or near to stock form.
HI Lo Adapter

There are a couple of adapters available to run a early modle dual range 5 spd tranny in later model subarus. It works well. You use the 5spd dual range transfer cases out of 84 to 88 subaru wagons. If you go over to Ultimate Subaru and look you will find a few that have done it. You will also find a few who wheel the regular subaru all wheel drives pretty hard too. THey hold up well to a lot of punishment.


There is a cheap bell housing adapter to run the later engines on the earlier trannies through SJR. Seems like those guys in the NW tear up a lot of axles, but they have BIG lift, 4-6" and run very aggressive tires.

Most of the problems with axles come from welded rear diffs. With open or

limited diffs its not much of a problem. Plust the axles in the newer gen stuff

are a little stronger. If you go with a lift, get one from a good source, SJR or

HIghGuys. You will be able to run 215-75-?? ALL day long with no damage,

and a bunch of looks during your commute.