Forester: ExPo Subaru Project

Chazz Layne

What did you do and, more importantly, HOW did you manage to do it?
Turns out, it's what I didn't do. Whowouldathought it's standard procedure to replace the radiator while doing the timing belt job at 100,000 miles? :snorkel:
The wife's quick action when green steam came boiling up the windshield saved the motor, no other damage.

Tabula Rasa. Phase II is underway.


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A rooftop tent on a Forester? Hmm...

With the lift and tires, the rear hatch sits comfortably over the 6-foot mark and makes for a comfortable awning. I'm thinking some magnets and canvas and it could be a convenient changing/shower room.

We were able to squeeze the full size spare (215/70R16) into the factory location by letting all the air out and jumping on it a few times. :)
What tent is this?


Naït Up, made in France

They have different sizes for up to 4 persons (Quatro). A friend has one on his Volvo XC70 and is very happy.