Forest River Wolf Pup mods and upgrades


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👋 Hi all, I first joined the forum a few months to discuss a DIY flatbed truck camper expedition build I was planning. But until I have a spare $100k lying around to actually do that project, I'm making some upgrades and modifications to entry-level travel trailer.

We have a Forest River Wolf Pup 16BHS.

This is obviously not an off-road trailer. We're not hauling it down trails or anything. We do take extended road trips in it, though. Our preferred travel style is visit a place for a day or three, then pack up and move on to the next stop. These types of trailers are really designed for the "stay at a campground for a week" crowd, so all of our modifications are geared around making it more useful for long distance overland travel.

Completed upgrades...
  • Replaced the conventional black tank toilet with a Theford Curve PortaPotti for more convenient dumping when on-the-go.
  • Upgraded the lead acid battery to 270ah of LiFePo4 from BattleBorn. We plan to double this and add a 12v AC next year.
  • Added an Oxygenic shower head and Extend-a-Shower curtain rod. It almost feels luxurious in there now!
  • Upgraded to a dual propane tank rack for cold weather travel.
  • Installed a bike bunk for hauling our bikes.
  • A travel dishwasher. With a family of 4, we generate a LOT of dirty dishes!
  • Added door-mounted trash bins under the sink.
  • Added slide-out drawers under the dinette.
  • Crafted light-block insulating window covers.
  • Installed a LevelMate Pro for faster leveling when we make camp.

Planned upgrades...
  • An additional 270ah of lithium batteries (540ah total).
  • A 12v AC from Mabru for off-grid warm weather camping.
  • 600 watts of solar panels.
  • More 12v USB charging ports (including some USB-C).
  • Add a second reserve water tank where the now unused black tank sits.
  • Add 12v tank heater pads for fresh water use while winter camping.
  • Install an under-sink water filter.
  • Upgrade the tires to something more substantial (like Goodyear Endurance).

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