Ford Transit Cab Chassis with Composite Camper


Making great progess - i'm watching your build with great interest. I was thinking, if/when the cut out is bigger are you going to install driving seats that will rotate around so they can be used as part of the living space?


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I would be curious on those composite panel specs. Looks like 1.5mm FRP skin with polycarbonate core?

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Any idea how much the box ended up weight wise? How does the transit feel carrying the box?
Need to look up the print out from the scale. Please stay tuned.
as for the handling: just did a 1000km 2 day trip with it and I’m very impressed with the handling. Compare to our 2001 sprinter the transit drives like a high end car. No sway, first class suspension and fuel mileage is still ok at 16l/100km.6351A8FE-CFF7-4ED2-A493-99E889B7AA25.jpeg


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as we are dealing with weeks of non stop rain, not much has happened on the outside. The inside on the other hand is coming along very nicely. we installed a custom 27 gallon fresh water tank , started with the waterlines, installed a custom scheel-man seat, placed the planar diesel heater and a bunch more smaller items.
As soon as the weather clears up we will install the entry stairs, brush guards, remaining windows and solar panels.
fingers crossed we will have it all done for the expo .



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