Ford Patents An SUV Lift Gate Curtain

I don't know if my google **** and patent office search is bad, but I find nothing on that. Only returns are to sites that are commercial advertisers owned by AutoGuide. Think it could be just click bait.


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I'd totally use that when changing in and out of my wetsuit. That would make life so much easier.


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Why not just get one of the SlideRite or Recmar aluminum curtain rails/tracks and bend it to fit your hatch? Easy to attach and you just buy whatever kind of sliders you want and whatever curtain you want.


because the top 3 are eurovans. and the bottom is a US Domestic van with a blue tarp.
it's a me personal thing, I've never been fond of the tarp city at campgrounds look.
but if it offends your sensibilities then.. maybe it's a bonus too. ;-)


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LOLz. I just wear a Speedo under my bathing suit. So I can get into my wetsuit without being naked. Just like women in bikinis do.

Done diving, I put the swim trunks back on. I might spend a whole week in a bathing suit, so no big deal. #leatherSeatKingRanchProblems

How in the world does that get a patent? Seems pretty easy to change a few things to get around any patent stuff.