Ford new, smaller EV Truck coming, F150 BRO Raptor


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For the child in all of you:

This Ford F-150 BRO Is Kid-Rated, Adult-Coveted
Ford and Huffy join forces for ultimate BRO ride.
Monica GondermanApr 21, 2022
As many parents know, Ford has collaborated with various toy companies over the years to pump out a bounty of Ford-branded parent- and battery-powered toys that scoot 'n zoom while matching mom and dad's real-life Ford.

Kids have experienced and mastered Ford BEVs that long pre-date the F-150 Lightning and the Mustang Mach-E. It's hardly fair. Add to the collection of Ford kid BEVs the Huffy Ford BRO. Every kid needs a BRO. Dude. BRO.

Huffy Bikes—yes, the Huffy best known for its bicycles—has worked with Ford to create the Ford F-150 BRO. In this case, BRO stands for Battery Operated-Ride-On, but if Ford ever gets super-rad and introduces an F-150 Bro Edition, we'd like credit. Big white fender flares. Lifted front end. Loud mud tires. Complimentary flat-bill hat in the driver's seat.

The Huffy Ford BRO, based on the third-gen F-150 that was introduced for mode-year 2021, is legit to the core and looks just as slick as the real-life truck. Your kids will love that third-gen front end just as much as you do. Offered in various trims like Platinum and Lariat, the Huffy Ford BRO nails the details. This is officially licensed F-150 graphics and design, after all. There's even a Raptor. So much yes.

There are several one-seater 6V Ford F-150 BROs, depending on kiddos' age and ability. The smallest is ideal for kiddos up to 3 and goes up to 1.5 mph. The upper echelon Platinum BRO goes up to 5 mph and is ideal for kiddos 3 to 7 years old who are under 65 pounds.

The two-seater 12V F-150 Raptor BRO is suited for kids 3 to 12 and comes in Code Orange, Carbonized Gray, and Velocity Blue. There's also a 12V Ranger Lariat, Ranger Tremor, and F-150 Lariat.
The BRO is all about functionality: power-on button with engine start-up sounds; switch-controlled LED lights; switch-controlled forward and reverse motion; and doors that open and close.

There is rear storage in the bed, a seat belt, side mirrors, and even a device mount for listening to cell phone tunes or navigating.

Every kid could use a BRO; look for the BRO that's right for your family on the Huffy website or Walmart website.
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But, more seriously…

Ford is planning a second smaller EV Truck

Lightning Strikes Twice: Ford Has Another New EV Pickup Coming
Alisa PriddleApr 26, 2022
"This is not our only truck," Ford CEO Jim Farley said, breaking news of another electric pickup in the works at an event celebrating the launch of production of the hotly anticipated 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck. The first Lightnings were just rolling off the line at the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, headed for a long line of anxious buyers.

New Ford EV Pickup

The new truck announced at the Ford event today is not a reference to the next-gen electric F-150, nor plans for electric heavy-duty pickups. "This will be a new truck, " Farley confirmed to MotorTrendafter the formal event ended. We understand that it will be "an addition" to the F-Series family.
Ford has previously said it will make the next-generation of its announced electric F-Series trucks in 2025 at Blue City Oval, a new campus in Stanton, Tennessee.

Ford is spending $11.4 billion to build an electric vehicle assembly plant and a gigawatt battery factory there, as well as two more gigafactories in Kentucky.
A contender for this all-new truck could be an electric version of the current, smaller Ford Ranger. Ford was also once looking into making a pickup version of the Bronco, but those plans were tabled.

There's also the car-based Ford Maverick which is already available as a hybrid. Positioned as an affordable entry-level vehicle, the Maverick might not be the best candidate for an electric vehicle—which would still be an expensive proposition for the model given the high cost of batteries—and its relationship to the full-size F-Series family is loose, to say the least.

Ford Versus Tesla

Farley also used today's F-150 Lightning launch event to take a few digs at Tesla. "You can charge other EVs for your friends who own Teslas," he said, referring to the truck's ability to act as a power generator. And the cost is thousands less than Ford's competitors' trucks "whenever they go on sale," in a reference to the many delays of the Tesla Cybertruck that has been pushed to 2023.

On a more serious note, Farley said Ford has every intention of being the No.1 electric pickup maker, "something no one would have believed from us two years ago." It will come down to product execution and he is confident in Ford's next cycle of new vehicles, most of which has not been made public yet.

Lightning Production Underway

Meanwhile, production of the Lightning actually began two weeks ago. More than 2,000 have been built to date and are headed to customers. The fullsize electric truck was initially supposed to go on sale in May—in fact the first deliveries are already underway, making it slightly early.

"This is history in the making," said Ford executive chair Bill Ford. "This truck is going to change everything. "
Ford capped Lightning reservations at about 200,000 in December. Farley said he did not know when the order books would open again. If someone were able to order a Lightning today, the wait would likely be a year, he said.

Ford is ramping up production to 150,000 Lightnings a year, almost doubling the 80,000 trucks Ford said it would be able to build in 2023, its first full year of production. The walls have literally been torn down and pushed out twice since construction began. Ford's ability to hit the higher run-rate will take effect mid-year.

Even with higher output, some reservations will end up getting a 2023 model.

The Dearborn plant uses robotic autonomous guided vehicles to move the trucks between workstations instead of traditional conveyor belts, making it easier to change the floor plan as needed.

The Rouge Center also uses "cobots," short for "collaborative robots" that can work alongside a person without a safety cage and perform tasks that are ergonomically difficult for a human.

Not First to the Party But Mightiest

The Lightning might not be the first electric truck to hit the market—that would be the 2022 Rivian R1T, which was also the 2022 MotorTrend Truck of the Year. It was followed by the 2022 GMC Hummer EV—but the Ford is arguably the most important because of its sheer volume potential and clout.

The F-Series has been the top-selling truck in the U.S. for 45 years and electrifying the popular F-150 touches a huge buyer base. If only a fraction of F-150 buyers recognize the Lightning's benefits and take a chance on it, it could easily become the best-selling electric pickup.

Within the F-150 lineup, it is an attractive offering. With its dual motors and extended-range battery it boasts 563 horsepower, 775 lb-ft of torque, making it the quickest model, beating the performance F-150 Raptor from 0-60 mph. This five-passenger SuperCrew cab with a 5.5-foot bed is the only version with independent rear suspension for greater handling.

With up to 320 miles of range with the extended-range battery, it allows owners to escape high fuel prices while keeping range anxiety to a minimum.

And it is much more affordable than the Hummer, with the Ford Lightning Pro base work truck starting at $41,669 compared with the Hummer's opening salvo of $112,595 for the loaded Edition 1—lower priced trims will roll out over the next few years. The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV is expected to be a more direct competitor, but the Lightning has a year's head start. And Ram won't have an electric pickup until 2024.

"This is not a vanity project," Farley said. "There are no gimmicks. This is for people in their daily lives." The Lightning has also been a boon for the Ford brand. Executives say more than 70 percent of reservations are from consumers who have never bought a pickup and who are new to the Ford brand.

Ford is investing $30 billion in EVs through 2025 and forecasts that 40 percent of its U.S. sales will be EVs by 2030, or about 1.5 million vehicles a year. And a lot of them are likely to be pickup trucks.


Lightning pro with options is a nice truck with all wheel drive and 2k payload for 56k- which is a steal in todays market. That includes the towing package, extended range battery and amazing horsepower and torque.


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My issue here are
#1 no pro in Canada, high 80s for ER XLT
#2 I can't use a CCSB for work
#3 they don't exist/aren't available regardless if you have 100k lying around.

The Transit EV was so close, but 10x mile range in best case scenario stops me from picking up cabin country jobs.
170km ish range best case scenario gets me to a job site, but not home.

Otherwise I'd be glad to skip $2 a liter fuel at this point.


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I'm betting Fords new SMALL LIGHT pickup is BIGGER than the original Toyota Tundra FULL SIZE pickup.