Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!


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As per usual my '150 doing the gruntwork to make everything else look good.

Camper is for my Ranger but for a mini family vacation my Ranger was less than ideal so we took the '150. I would like to get a crew cab longbox at some point so we could actually do long distance family trips in the future with the camper (rear facing car seat works "ok" in the middle sticking between the front seats at the moment)


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Just bought a 2018 f150 super crew and want to buy a suspension system. Any ideas? I don’t want any more than a level


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Will be installing an AAL and some Bilsteins in the rear this fall. Love the truck but thinking about an F250. These damn manifolds keep warping and it’s driving me crazy.

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I'd get some Happijac tiedowns as soon as possible. China chain and turnbuckles aren't gonna cut it much longer. An F-250 will amaze you for it's handling and especially braking.


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Diamondback HD bed cover and first frontrunner rack installed. Ran out of daylight, will get the rear rack installed tomorrow. Having the two racks instead of one big one will still allow me to open and close each half of the bed cover for access.

Tons of research, a million measurements and questions and I was still unsure how it’d turn out. Could not be more pleased! Will post more pics when the rear is installed.

My wife is a beast. She assembled both the racks herself while I was at work and then helped me with the whole install.


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