Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!


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Nice truck, I personally wouldn’t mess with that at all, just put a winch on it and be done.
The cover and all that will help keep things secure, generator will power my trailer AC, and lift, wheels, and tires will help the ride, capability, and most certainly look badadass lol

Thanks for the reply. Basically the same price as my Raptor. Sometimes I think I should have gone with the Tremor ...

But yours is with the Powerstroke, right? That's almost a $10K option, isn't it?
Yep - about the same price as a loaded raptor. We test drove a new Raptor and realllly liked it, but hoping to get a bit more long term reliability. We also have a 4200# off-road trailer. While a raptor would tow it fine, I still get 15-16 mpg towing it with the super duty.

It does have the power stroke which is amazing. The 7.3 gas is like a $3000 option, and the power stroke is about $10k. If you can afford it, the power of it is absolutely incredible. Even passings cars at 70mph is incredible. You can floor it and be 90 before you even look down. It’s incredible

I’ve read it’s available over the parts counter now and is an option, but I can’t confirm that.
It’s been available for people to start ordering. It’s a $3,000 option for the warn winch. May add it down the road
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Todd n Natalie

My first non Mopar Truck (and 1/2 ton truck) since 2004. The last two trucks were a 2004 Ram 2500 Hemi and a 2012 Power Wagon. 3 months in and I’m still getting used to the ride quality and the sound of the EcoBoost.
How do you like is vs the Power Wagon? Did you look at new Power Wagons as well as Raptors?


How do you like is vs the Power Wagon? Did you look at new Power Wagons as well as Raptors?
I compared the 2020 Power Wagon closely to my 2012, and besides the interior upgrades I didn’t feel like there was enough changes for me to make a switch. After 16 years I really felt like I wanted something different, and the Raptor fit that bill. I don’t rock crawl, jump sand dunes, or tow heavy things, so both trucks work for my needs as a daily driver and dirt roads to hunting spots. To be honest, I was more interested in the Tremor with the 7.3L Gas and 4.30 Gears than the Power Wagon.

After just over 3 months I like the Raptor, but unless I end up in the Ram Rebel TRX with the Hellcat Motor, this is the last half ton I’ll buy. The Raptor mated to the EcoBoost is a great setup with lots of power and good fuel economy (I average around 18mpg). But I honestly miss the sound of a roaring V-8. I like this truck, and I’ll have it for a while, but I’m not in love with it.

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