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A new start.

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"Before" pics are always kinda lame.

1st mods will be rear wheel well liners, Westin HST nerf bars (they don't appear to hang down farther than the skid plates under the truck), and the wheels will be hosed down with black paint at the time of 1st tire rotation. (spring)

I'd like to add Stage3 hood hinge LED lights before camp season. Aimed 45 degrees left or right for better tight turning at night.

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Did you go with the 6.2? What made you choose this configuration and what are your plans? Thanks.


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Yeah, 6.2. I have a work truck I take home, so it doesn't get enough mileage to keep a diesel healthy. And I don't expect to tow more than 10 000#. And our offroads are really slick, the diesels extra weight suffers.

Plans are, as my budget allows, I just bought a house:
Bds 4'' suspension with radius arms. Mostly because a 2" system costs as much as 4, and it's time I went for more travel.
Cooper 37x13.5r18 Stt pro tires
18x9 +18mm Raceline Defender wheels, or Method NV. Haven't decided yet:,8x170&suspension=Stock&trimming=No+trimming,8x170

4.88 gears, Yukon Grizzly front locker, oem elocker rear.
Bushwacker Extend a fenders, the largest ones without the fake bolts.

Yakima kayak rack with an extra bar to mount some maxtrax. The Leitner racks are nice but way too much $$$ if I don't have a RTT anymore. Going to use the midsize truck Yakima towers. They'll barely hold the Kayaks over the roof, the fullsize ones are too tall. The tower reach over the roof, but don't forget, the Kayak holders sit a few inches taller over the crossbars.

I'm trying as hard as possible to resist a Camplite 6.8 camper. I'm coming full circle back to tents. I'd like to get a new jetski next year instead. Seems like my expo needs, are less "expo" every year. I also noticed that the short bed and long bed campers are the same. One has more closet space, big deal. So this time around, I went short bed CC, instead of long bed extended cab. 6.75' of bed space is still plenty.

3.73 gear because at least I'll get decent mileage before the wheels/tires/gear upgrades. I got the truck for $38,000 OTD. CCSB has no carrier bearing. Just one big drive shaft. D60 front, 10.5 rear axle.

Prefer XL actually for looks. But I have the power windows, locks, ESOF package. XL has no lane or headlight sensors to mess up with a lift kit. And I saw little point in paying for nice wheels twice since none of the OEM wheels fit a 37x13.5 tire. Rubber floor, and the seats were surprisingly nice. I might not Katskin them anytime soon.
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Nice! An thanks for the great reply. It's only me and I still can't decide on what cab configuration. I like the 8' bed but yeah 6.75' is pretty good. It will be a gas though as I just don't need a diesel or the expense of it.


Centurion conversions are awesome. They did some cool things with wooden consoles and custom interiors too. Had a chance to purchase a complete se of captains chairs and console out of a Centurion once, but it was sold before i could get to it.


Had a photographer friend stay with me over the long weekend and went out with the camera.

His truck makes mine appear normal sized.


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