Ford Fullsize Thread !!!!


Did Ford ever put a L/S in the FRONT diff of the F150..??.I have a factory rear L/S and was wondering if I had a front as well.??


I just got a
2007 King Ranch Crew Cab FX4 F350 Dually.

I am trying to decide between a tonneau cover and a slick lookin camper shell?
Help me out!


NO i did not sell the H1. I still have the H1 and the vette. I got the F350 as more of a daily driver/tow rig/trail support vehicle. The H1 is my overlander, but i just do not like driving it 3k on the highway for a coulpe days of offroading. The King Ranch is much more comfy. Plus i have to gaurantee that i make it back and forth because of work aka breakdown unacceptable. Plus changing tires when you get somewhere is a pain.

I really want to do an overlanding event sometime and it will drive to that.

When i go on H1 offroad event we really hit it hard. Last nation event a guy ripped off this whole rear hub, wheel, and a-arm!!!


Here is my 2004 F250. I just started building it out. I had a jeep before this.

I love your truck!!!

If I could buy another truck your is exactly what I would want. I really like those early Superduty's. I prefer the front/grille over the newer ones. And I love that color blue and especially those steel wheels. I wish I could get those wheels in 6 lug for my current rig, 94 Toyota.

Is your truck a diesel or gasser?

Your truck is perfect! And I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Are you ging to start a build thread?
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Good looking truck. I had a Ranch Hand Bull Nose bumper on my Superduty at one time that looked a lot like the one you have. That truck might even have a 6 speed?:victory:


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Thanks for the replys. The truck is an XL so no power windows or door locks. It has vinyl flooring but nice seats. The engine is a 5.4 it suits me fine. You can see my little trailer. I also pull a 4 place snowmobile trailer in the winter and I don't have to worry about gel up issues leaving it cold places all day.

As for a build thread.... hummm maybe someday but the build is so slow it would be the most boring thread in the world.

I wanted to get a four wheel camper but we have 3 kids so we ended up with the little trailer. I guess when they are older I can go back to my dream. Im thinking custom rear bumper to hold my spare and jerry cans.


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I know its a little late but here is my 2005 FX4
2.5 Leveled
Procomp Wheels
35 inch Mickey T MTZ

side view

its does get dirty



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First off the Van above is kick-A**
well I suppose I can chime in on this thread as well. At the moment I am unsure where I want to go with this truck. part of me would like to leave it as is, and part of me would like to turn it into something more. of course I still have the 4runner which is awesome for most of my off road stuff but this is so much more comfortable...